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If you missed my series on romantic love, you might want to read the last in the series, In Love With Love, before reading this post, especially if you are solo this year. It will put you in the mood for casting a spell.

Witchcraft and magick really belong to a world that is lost to us. They belong to a world before mortal magick. Before the magick of electricity, air conditioning, radio, all night supermarkets, and video games; before television, designer shoes, the internet, and major league sports. It is hard for us to imagine a world when even the wealthy suffered hunger during a drought, when there were few effective cures for even simple diseases, like the flu. A world where music could only be heard live and unplugged, and epic stories told only by those who could recite them from memory.

In Buffy Sainte-Marie's song MOONSHOT she sings "I knew a boy from a tribe so primitive/ He could call me up without no telephone." Even back in the days of St. Marie's childhood a telepathic message had a chance. These days a telepathic message, and spells, prayers and other meditations, has to fight through cell phone transmissions, bank wire transfers, radio, and broadcast television. Our air is as polluted with frequencies as our water is with waste and oil.

Until the last few hundred years or so, humans lived at the mercy of Lady Nature, and there was much more of Her than of us. That does not seem true anymore. Now it seems Lady Nature lives at the mercy of us, although that is an idyll we need to awaken from, and quickly.

Love was probably more powerful back in those cold, lonely, dark days, as well. Falling in love would have been a luxury in many cases, especially when marriages were arranged for political and economic purposes, to strengthen certain tribes or families. When there were fewer distractions and entertainments to keep us from falling in love. When falling in love with the wrong person could be dangerous not just to yourself, but to your community.

But in a world where there were few novelties, few distractions from work and survival, how much more powerful and amazing falling in love must have been!

A remnant of that can be found even in today's world. After living in Los Angeles for so many years, where the sun shines every day of the year and there is no winter weather, I have come to appreciate the importance of Valentine's Day. Whereas Christmas shines the light of Divine Love and the promise of the sun's return to warm us through the cold months ahead, Valentine's Day is the promise of earthly love, to help us through the dark of winter. If ever the carnal fires needed to be lit, it is during this dark month. (The sun is actually shining today, but you get my meaning.)

You don't need to do a spell to begin attracting more love to your life. Give more Love, and you will attract Love, and romantic love. I tell all of my friends and family that I love them whenever I have a chance. I believe you should never pass up the chance to tell someone "I love you." You have an infinite well of Love inside of you, and the more Love you give, the more you have to give. And the more Love you will attract.

Love spells can be tricky. You should not cast a spell on a specific person (*please read the note after this post if you do not know why). You should also not do a spell for another person without their permission. But you can do a spell to draw romantic love to yourself.

The best way to make your spell effective and to protect it from all of the psychic pollution out there, is to cleanse your own mind first. Before doing any magick sit quietly and focus on your breathing until you are calm and clear. You can also do yoga, sing and dance until you are cleansed of all mundane thoughts, or do a chakra cleansing or other meditation. Your mind needs to be focused, but detached. You must be in a position to think about what you want calmly and objectively, and to release the magick without expectation.

A CANDLE SPELL: A candle annointed with ylang-ylang oil, or rose oil, and held in the power hand (usually the right hand, unless you are a lefty) and infused with desire can be burned with the intention of attracting love. Both ylang-ylang and rose essential oils are very expensive, but if you can afford the real thing do so. If you can't, blends or imitations will work.

Scott Cunningham in THE COMPLETE BOOK OF INCENSE OILS AND BREWS suggests a mixture of

7 drops palmarosa
5 drops ylang-ylang
1 drop ginger
2 drops rosemary
1 drop cardamom

Into 1/8 cup jojoba oil in a sterlized glass container. Visualise love as you swirl the drops into the base. Annoint pink candles and burn to attract love.

You don't need candles and oils though, to attract love. You can also use the pink bubble technique from Shakti Gawain's CREATIVE VISUALISATION. (Click on the link below to learn it.)


SEX MAGICK: I used to date a guy who believed that sexual orgasms were the most powerful energy in the world. He used to say "make a wish." The drawback is that you do have to have a partner who will stop what they are doing to remind you to make a wish. For most people, orgasms are a singular process mostly devoid of conscious thought. If you are in a relationship the "make a wish" orgasm spell is very appropriate for Valentine's Day. You can wish for more love in your relationship, world peace, the money to make your mortgage payment, etc. This is not, as I mentioned, an easy spell to accomplish, given the circumstances. But he is right, sex is powerful magick.

PINK LIGHT SPELL: My final offering for Valentine's Day is a meditation that regular readers will recognise (slightly adapted for today's purpose). Anyone can do it, and it is good for sending Love out into the world, as well as attracting romantic love to you, or just strengthening the love in your current relationship.

Sit and focus on your breathing until you are calm and relaxed. (You can also adapt this ritual to your own chakra/aura cleansing meditation.) Imagine roots coming out of the soles of your feet and base of your spine, and they grow down into the ground, deep into the centre of the earth, and anchor you to the earth.

Now imagine that there are filiments and fibers coming out of the top of your head, connecting to all the stars and planets, and one that goes straight to the centre of the Universe to the heart of God/dess, or the Source of all Divine Love.

A bright, clear light begins to flow down those fibres through the top of your head, cleansing and empowering your whole body and aura. Feel it flow through you until it begins to collect in your heart area.

Now imagine the energy of the earth flowing up through your body. I usually see this as golden colour with green lights. Let it fill you and cleanse you until it begins to collect in your heart area.

Let those two energies synthesise in your heart chakra and allow them to be the force that projects Love out into the world. I usually see this as pink light, or little heart shaped pink butterflies. Let the two energies carry pink hearts out to everyone you Love. Really feel the Love that flows through your heart.

When you have sent out alot of pink butterflies, fix in your mind your desire for romantic love, and as in the pink bubble technique, let one pink butterfly go out into the world with all of your wishes and desires for a loving a relationship and find your mate.

Thank the energies of earth and heaven, and let the roots and fibres retract into your psychic body.

Have patience, and keep your eyes open. Your lover will be attracted to you.

Happy Valentine's Day!


*This is from Laws of Attraction: How Compatible Are You?
When you start sending out those "attraction" signals it is a lot like placing an ad in the psychic/sexual energy newspaper. I used to make spell candles and I would always warn people that once they started burning a candle to attract a lover they were going to get a lot applicants, and some of them weren't going to be right. Don't assume the first person you meet after you light the candle is your soul mate. Do some interviews and check references, I used to counsel. The same holds true even without the spell candle.

(I need to make a statement here about love spells vs. Bewitchment. You don't want to put a spell on a specific person because that is a) wrong, and b) putting a spell on a specific person, or bewitching them, is like getting a tow truck to tow you around in a car that doesn't run just so you can feel like you are driving. A brand new Mercedes hitched up to a tow truck is still just a car that doesn't run. Period. You are better off in a second hand jeep that stalls than that Mercedes. Bewtichment is too much energy and it is destructive and wasteful. And don't forget, karma is heavier for witches and those that live their lives consciously. What you do to another you open the door to be done to you. Trust me on this, I am sorry to say, because I know this first hand.)

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