Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Happiness: is it a feeling? a sensation? is it being in love? having a big bank balance? having a different nose, butt, breasts, or skin? achieving a goal or making a long desired purchase? following a certain set of rules or behaving a certain way? Or is it an "addictive demand" or need being met? a lifestyle choice? a preference?

For the last few months one of my main occupations (and preoccupations) has been identifying the source of what I define as "happiness." It turns out that Happiness is rather a spoiled child who always wants her way. She is fickle and frivolous and not to be trusted. She will float in and out of your life on a whim. And if you are ever foolish enough to think that you possess her, you will awaken one morning to find that she is not the Lady she appeared to be. She will be gone, and so will everything you had gained from her. You will feel lucky if she has left you your dignity.

Waiting for her to arrive of her own free will-- and expecting her to stay to your satisfaction-- is not the proper course of seduction. Moreover, she will not be wooed or cajoled or persuaded. She will also not be summoned or commanded or bound.

The only thing that works, I've found, is to always create an environment where she is welcome. She does not like to be alone and she only cares for her own kind. She will not keep company with despair or anger, for they are poison to her. Only if you are happy will she come to you, and will she stay. (Ken Keyes Gathering Power Through Insight And Love has been an invaluable resource for me in learning to be happy. I recommend it highly.)

Once you learn to be happy in any situation or set of circumstances, you will find that fickle, flakey harlot has become your most loyal, giving, Lady friend.

So be happy, in any circumstance, no matter how bad it is. And you know what else, it is okay to be happy even when awful things are happening all around you. I know this because I heard it from the Lady herself.

She told me that being happy when things are going well is like passing up the beggar to give your spare change to a millionaire. In bad times (the beggar) those few dimes will mean alot, far more than they will ever mean in good times (the millionaire).

Turns out that not only is the tramp a Lady, the thief is actually a Robin Hood.


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