Friday, January 11, 2008


During the Christmas season I began reading A Christmas Book by William Samson. In the introduction he discusses the reasons humans need a holiday to celebrate near the Winter Solstice (Yule). It's not just the promise of more light, of more life. It is not just the promise of summer at winter's end- the winter of the soul. It is more innocent than that.

"To appreciate this need at its fullest, one might put oneself in the shoes of a child at school, a child for whom time in any case travels slowly, to whom three months of work is not an addition of days but a condemnation without foreseeable end." (p. 10)

I was standing in line at the bank on Christmas Eve, thinking about this, and the analogy came to me of the deposit of money in a bank account. We need the light of the Holiday Season in our hearts to shine the way through the work ahead.

I work a lot with affirmations in trying to change my thought patterns, and to become less reactive, more present in the moment, and more positive and life-affirming. I realised that my affirmations were like bank deposits. By doing them everyday I was "making a deposit" in the savings account of my mind and spirit. When the winter comes and I need to "spend" I will be covered.

I have only one prediction for this year: if you want to transform your entire life and more fully become the authentic, fabulous person that you already are, this is the year to do it.


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