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I recently watched the movie YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE, based on the book of the same title by Louise L. Hay. I would recommend this movie over THE SECRET, which focuses on positive thought and entitlement, and is really just a collection of information contained in books like Hay's. THE SECRET too easily sets people up for failure, in my opinion. The principles in YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE will only improve your life, no matter how little time or effort you put into practicing them.

Hay's approach to healing any aspect of your life is simple: Love yourself. Love yourself totally and completely. Love yourself unconditionally. I spent a good portion of my life looking for love from other people to complete me, while at the same time giving them the love that I could not give to myself. It seems rather unproductive (and ironic) to love anyone before you love yourself. It's like giving someone a dollar, and then asking them for another dollar back.

(I do believe that we all have an unlimited supply of Love to give ourselves and other people. The more we give, the more we have to give. It is the giving of it that increases it. But if you give it because you expect it back, then you do not really believe that you have enough. )

If you want love from other people, and especially if you are going to give love to others as well, you might as well cut out the middle man. Essentially, if everyone were able to give themselves all the love they needed and wanted, then everyone would be loved, and all of this suffering over "lack of love" could be eliminated.

"If everyone swept his own doorstep," Goethe said, "the whole world would be clean."

And Hay is not talking about arrogance, or vanity. Both of those traits come from a fear that there is not enough love. Arrogance and vanity are motivated by sense of lack. "I'm better than you" implies that there is shortage of beauty (vanity) or worth (arrogance). By giving to yourself first from that never-ending supply of love in your heart, you can always be sure that there is enough.

And, as she points out, if you love yourself, it will become difficult if not impossible to love others. As I believe, and frequently point out, there really is no "us" and "them". There is only ourselves, and the reflection we see of ourselves in other people. I believe that if we could create a culture of self-love, we would eliminate all of the problems we have in the world.

Haye's first commandmant is to stop all criticism immediately. Of yourself and of other people. Also release all fear, resentment, anger and guilt. (I call this the "de-FRAG" process. Like when you de-frag your computer hard drive and clean up all the errors.)

Guilt creates punishment, resentment creates disease (especially cancer, according to Hay, but releasing it can also heal disease), anger and fear create pain. Psychically, because we are all mirrors of each other, and because our energy patterns attract what we are, by holding on to FRAG, you attract more of it. You are not condoning bad behaviour in others by releasing anger or resentment, you are simply not allowing it to damage you. And living with fear and guilt will only create unhealthy situations in your life.

FRAG also removes you from the present. FRAG is about the past, and projecting it onto the present and the future. All power is in the present moment. You cannot heal the past or create a wonderful future without being rooted fully in the present moment. The past cannot be changed. The future consists only of more "present moments." By rooting yourself in a joyful, loving present, you can rest assured that the future will be bright.

From a psychic standpoint, I especially enjoyed the opening scenes. It showed the internal dialogues of different people as they went about their daily business. It seemed to me a very accurate reflection of what I "see" when I walk down the street. Most of us are so preoccupied with our "problems" we have little energy to pursue solutions. And, as I mentioned, we are just attracting more problems.

"Something happens, and you get angry. Something else happens, and you get angry again," Hay says. "It doesn't make much sense to keep going through that pattern of anger over and over again. It never ends." (I am paraphrasing, I don't remember the actual quote.)

I highly recommend the movie and the book. I began working with the book during the holidays in 2006. Without it I don't know that I could have survived this last year. I believe working with the book has healed my body and my spirit, mind, and heart, more than any other publication like it.

Love is the most powerful force in the Universe. It can heal any disease, soothe any soul, create any possibility. Love is the magick in witchcraft. Love creates only good.

Love yourself, and everything else will fall into place.


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