Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Inside of you, inside of every person, there is a real "golden goose". The more that you give away the eggs of this remarkable creature, the more you will have.

I am talking about your heart. Not the heart that pumps blood, as remarkable as that heart is, but the heart the pumps love into the world.

In fact, this never-ending supply is not as limited as the fabled goose. That creature only laid one egg a day, and was subject to the greed of it's owners. (If you don't recall the story, the impatient farmer decided to cut open the goose in order to get all the eggs at once. I'm sure I don't need to remind you of how that worked out.)

No, your heart is far more perfect in that. Think of your heart as a bottomless chalice. It is filled to the rim with Love. That in and of itself is quite alot of Love. But even more remarkable is that once you begin to pour that Love out, the supply is unending. So no matter how much you give away, you will always have more to give.

The more Love that you give, the more you have to give, because each portion of Love that you share with the world increases the amount that you "have." Love is exponential. I have one chalice, and I share one chalice with you. Now I have two cups filled. I give another away, now I have three. And another is four, now five, six, and so on, in never-ending supply.

Do not ever fear that you can give away too much Love. You will never run out, and every portion that is given remains in your infinite and eternal heart.

This is not true of any other substance in the world, and I believe that the God/desses knew what they were doing.

Whether you have a big bank account or a small one, a long gift list or no wrapped packages to give at all, give your Love this Holiday Season. Whenever you can, however you can, to whomever you can.

Love is the true light of the Season!

Merry Yule, and Blessings for a Happy New Year!


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