Thursday, June 05, 2008


The Witches Almanac has for many years included a listing on 5 June for "Night of the Watchers." The fallen Angels who came to earth and mated with mortal women. Unfortunately, this year's article is not included in their on-line edition. (The Witches Almanac is a "must-have" for all witches, so it wouldn't hurt to buy one.)

I don't have strong feelings about this night. For one thing, usually these old calendar days come from an astrological event, and the fixed date is usually wrong. And there is so little information on the origins of the Watchers and their night that it is hard to know what sort of astrological sign we would be looking for.

However, short of unleashing Azazel from his imprisonment, I would say tonight is a good night to reach out to Angels of all kinds. A good night for mysticism and magick. To glimpse the world beyond this one, and to look at the heavenly realms. A night to make appeals to Higher powers for the guidance and knowledge to make it through the next few months.

Things are about to get even more interesting. Expect more aftershocks, storms, skeletons rattling their way out of the closet, and downright shocking surprises.

Light a candle, say a prayer, stretch out your Angel wings, and give thanks for all the goodness in your life.


Wikipedia's article on The Book of Enoch

I found this little article. The linguistic theories and interpretations are academically unsound, but the article is interesting. I just wouldn't take it at face value:

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