Friday, January 29, 2010


...Martian red that is... Mars perigee in Leo, opposing my natal Mars in Aquarius, is kicking my behind. This week I feel like Elphaba, in Wicked. At the beginning of the musical she has a vision of a "celebration throughout Oz that's all because of me!"

Of course, what she is seeing is the celebration of her death. She's not really a wicked witch, she was a political witch-- aligning herself with the talking Animals, demanding fairness and equality. With her principles and her power she was doomed from the start.

This week I've felt like I did all the wrong things for the right reasons. In fact, this week I feel like I am serving time in a reality where everything I do with the "right" intentions, and with genuine desire and willingness, comes out "wrong." And, worse, that like Elphaba, I cannot be who I am authentically without being "wrong."

And then there is all the accidents and aggression that seems to hover just near me. Not to mention really stupid things, like not being able to log into my new blog because I have forgotten my username. (And while I have put in the proper answer to my secret question, it must not be formatted right, because Google keeps rejecting me.)

About the best I have been able to do this week is bite my tongue before I say something I will regret, and just try to muddle through. But there is really nothing worse than trying to your best and discovering that you did the wrong thing!

This is the full moon in Leo, and it will conjunct Mars. I will be doing some sort of meditation tonight, and my best attempt at celebrating. (There is a great song for Leo Full moon rites by Aphrodesia called "Every Day" that will get you up and dancing and you know Leo likes a show off!!!)

But for the most part I think I am going to lay low and avoid the radar.

I hope that you are not in the same space I am in, but if so, take heart. This too shall pass.

Do the best you can.

And if you are doing great and that Mars energy is giving you lots of energy and passion and lovers, well, dance, sing, laugh, cast some spells and be kind to those of us with the flaming faces!!!


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